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NOTE: CBS cancelled the series on May 25, 1995 after 110 episodes.
The episode was shown July 26, 1995. The show is now in North American
syndication on the Arts and Entertainment cable network
( weekdays at 12 noon and 6 pm ET. The third
run of the entire series started July 29, 1998.

Northern Exposure Episode Guide

by Kimiye Tipton
and Andy Bates

Characters Recurring Guest Stars
---------- ---------------------

Dr. Joel Fleischman Rob Morrow Bernard Stevens Richard Cummings
Maurice Minnifield Barry Corbin Ron Doug Ballard
Maggie O'Connell Janine Turner Erick Don McManus
Holling Vincoeur John Cullum Sgt. Semanski Diane Delano
Ed Chigliak Darren E. Burrows Adam Adam Arkin
Chris Stevens John Corbett Eve Valerie Mahaffey
Shelly Tambo Cynthia Geary Dave the Cook William J. White
Marilyn Whirlwind Elaine Miles Walt Moultrie Patten
Ruth-Anne Miller Peg Phillips Leonard Graham Greene
Dr. Philip Capra Paul Provenza Mike Monroe Anthony Edwards
Michelle Capra Teri Polo

Episode Air Date Title
------- -------- -----

1.1 7/12/90 Pilot
Written by: Josh Brand and John Falsey
Directed by: John Falsey
The series pilot finds Joel experiencing culture shock after taking
a job in an Alaskan village, where the eccentric townsfolk refuse to
let him leave.
Peter Gilliam: Robert Nadir
Walter: Art LaFleur
Rick Pederson: Grant Goodeve
Edna: Lois Foraker
Patient #1: Tom Hammond
Patient #2: Anne Gordon
Businessman: John Aylward
Stewardess: Denise Kendall

1.2 7/19/90 "Brains, Know-How and Native Intelligence"
Written by: Stuart Stevens
Directed by: Peter O'Fallon
A self-reliant Maggie chides Joel for being helpless when he's beset
by plumbing problems; Ed's uncle Anku, a medicine man, refuses
medical treatment; and Chris read Walt Whitman over the airwaves and
angers Maurice, who prefers show tunes on his station.
Anku: Frank Sotonoma Salsedo
Rick Pederson: Grant Goodeve
Mrs. Anku: Armenia Miles
Mindy: Leslie Rueschenberg
Woman #1: Hannah Johnson
Woman #2: Sandra DeJong
Shirley: Jan Poore
Man #1: Mitch Hale
Man #2: Ken Schneider
Man #3: Gary Taylor

1.3 7/26/90 "Soapy Sanderson"
Written by: Karen Hall
from a story by Karen Hall and Jerry Stahl
Directed by: Steve Cragg
A hermit goes to extremes when Dr. Joel suggests that he think about
the future. Later, Maggie ends up partners with Joel in a land deal
in which a Native American chief is also interested.
Soapy Sanderson: John McLiam
Laurie Batton: Christa Miller
Kim Chang: Darryl Fong
William Casebear (Accountant): Phil Lucas
Chief: Nick Ramus
Surveyor: John Murray

1.4 8/2/90 "Dreams, Schemes and Putting Greens"
Written by: Sean Clark
Directed by: Dan Lerner
Joel is asked to be best man at Holling's wedding, but his mind is
on helping Maurice sell Alaska to two Japanese businessmen in hopes
of becoming the "attending physician"--and playing golf--at their
proposed resort.
Chiba: Lenny Imamura
Masuto: Michael Paul Chan
Rick Pederson: Grant Goodeve
Gorman Tambo: Anthony Curry
Bar Patron: William Douglas Smith

1.5 8/9/90 "Russian Flu"
Written by: David Assael
Directed by: David Carson
Flu-stricken townsfolk and the crafty Maggie unwittingly do their part
to sabotage Joel's plans for a romantic respite with Elaine.
Elaine Schulman: Jessica Lundy
Charles "Red" Murphy: John Aylward
Rick Pederson: Grant Goodeve
Clem Tillman: Dave Guppy
Townspeople: Martha Baskin, Charlie Russo, Ralph Von
Hollebeke, Mark Mitchell, Lyn Tyrrell, Sylvia Langdon

1.6 8/16/90 "Sex, Lies, and Ed's Tape"
Written by: Josh Brand and John Falsey
Directed by: Sandy Smolan
A young man from Saskatchewan puts Shelly in a pickle and leaves
Holling with neck-lock; Ed's vision for a blockbuster movie is
blurred by writer's block; and Rick blames "the O'Connell curse"
for his disturbing medical problem.
Wayne Jones: Brandon Douglas
M.C.: Jeffrey Carpentier

1.7 8/23/90 "A Kodiak Moment"
Written by: Steve Wasserman and Jessica Klein
Directed by: Max Tash
After his brother dies, Maurice searches for an heir on whom to
bestow his fortune, but his choice results in a father-son squabble;
Shelly tags along when Holling and Ed go after Jesse, the elusive
brown bear; and Joel is not amused when Maggie takes over his
out-of-town childbirthing class.
Nancy: Teri Thomas
Sue-Ellen: Kellee Bradley
Mike: Wayne Waterman
Phyllis: Lisa Budak
Kerry: Elise Nelson

1.8 8/30/90 "Aurora Borealis"
Written by: Charles Rosen
Directed by: Peter O'Fallon
Anticipation of the aurora borealis illuminates dreams for Chris
and for his new-found soul mate. But the northern lights bring
nightmares for Joel, who must journey into the woods on a house
call amid rumors of a Bigfoot-like creature roaming the area.
Adam: Adam Arkin
Bernard: Richard Cummings Jr.
Ranger Burns: John Procaccino
Rick Pederson: Grant Goodeve
Adolescent Chris: Ryan O'Neill
Carl Jung: Lou Hetler
Mother: Sandy Miller
[Last scheduled show.]
[sub-titled: "A Fairy Tale For Grown-Ups"]

2.1 4/8/91 "Goodbye To All That"
Written by: Robin Green
Directed by: Stuart Margolin
The installation of a satellite dish at Holling's saloon signals
a new era--and a second season-- in Alaska, where Shelly becomes
mesmerized by the video extravaganza before her, and Dr. Joel
reacts to a Dear John letter from Elaine.
Tori Gould: Beverly Leech
Rick Pederson: Grant Goodeve
Kid Joel: Grant Gelt
Alison: Therese Xavier Tinling
Proprietor: Margaret Mason

2.2 4/15/91 "The Big Kiss"
Written by: Henry Bromell
Directed by: Sandy Smolan
Ed turns to the 256-year-old Indian spirit of One-Who-Waits to learn
who his parents are; and Chris turns to a local beauty for a cure
after he's rendered mute by a beautiful woman passing through town.
One-Who-Waits: Floyd Red Crow Westerman
Smith: Eloy Casados
Great Aunt: Geraldine Keams
Girl: Jessika Cardinahl
Bingo Caller: Albert J. Hood
Mrs. Emerson: Carolyn Byrne
Townsperson 1: David J. Guppy
Townsperson 2: Don Eastman
Bingo Players: Rosetta Pintado, Katherine Davis, Susan
Morales, Oscar Kawagley

2.3 4/22/91 "All Is Vanity"
Written by: Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov
Directed by: Nick Marck
Invigorated by temperatures of "aught seven" degrees in Cicely,
Alaska...Holling opts for circumcision to be "more in style" for
his girlfriend, Shelly. Dr. Joel plays Maggie's intended in a
web of deceit to fool her visiting father. And townsfolk watch
over the body of Mr. Unknown Person, who dropped dead in Joel's
waiting room, with the only clue to his identity being a note in
his pocket reading: "Pick up shirt Monday."
Frank O'Connell: John McCann
Martin: Rex Linn
Wife: Sharon Collar
Husband: O. C. "Mac" McCallum
Patient #10: Cathy Bryan
Man #1: Peter Bradshaw
Man #2: Charles Russo

2.4 4/29/91 "What I Did For Love"
Written by: Ellen Herman
Directed by: Steve Robman
Maggie's dream of Joel's death in a plane crash sparks earnest
farewells from the locals, but the premonition spooks Joel enough
to consider canceling his visit home, especially after feeling
suspicious about his substitute; and Maurice welcomes a visit
from an astronaut groupie.
Ingrid Klochner: Elizabeth Huddle
David Ginsberg: Leo Geter
Mr. Streisand: Paul Fleming
Woman #1: Pamela Abas-Ross
Woman #2: Dorothy Hanlin
Man: Phil Lucas
Little Boy: David A. Hrdlicka
Mrs. Streisand: Laura Kenny

2.5 5/6/91 "Spring Break"
Written by: David Assael
Directed by: Rob Thompson
Libidos run amok in anticipation of Cicely's spring meltdown:
Maggie and Joel invade each other's dreams; an imposing state
trooper sweeps Maurice off his feet; Holling's bucking for a
fight; Shelly can't get enough of D.H. Lawrence; and a robber
makes off with residents' radios.
Officer Barbara Semanski: Diane Delano
Gary McClellan: John Mese
Knockout #1: Jill Pierce
Knockout #2: Mary Anderson
Lumberjack: Gregg Loughridge
Logger: Gary Taylor

2.6 5/13/91 "War And Peace"
Written by: Robin Green and Henry Bromell
Directed by: Bill D'Elia
Celebrations with vodka, borscht and Chris's radio reading of
"War and Peace" are in order when Soviet legend Nikolai makes
his annual appearance, bearing gifts and itching to challenge
archrival Maurice to a chess match. Meanwhile, torturous dreams
keep Holling from much-needed sleep; Chris's poetic lines help
Ed woo a lusty farm girl.
Nikolai Ivanovich Apalanov: Elya Baskin
Lightfeather Duncan: Dana Andersen
Father Duncan: Alan Fudge
Dave the Cook: William James White Eagle

2.7 5/20/91 "Slow Dance"
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: David Carson
The curse of Maggie strikes again, and Rick is struck dead--by
a falling satellite; two newcomers have more in common with
Maurice--including a love of show tunes and gourmet cooking--
than he'd like to admit; and Shelly feels like a third wheel
as Holling enjoys a reunion with an old gal from Nome.

3.1 9/23/91 "The Bumpy Road To Love"
Written by: Martin Sage and Sybil Adelman
Directed by: Nick Marck
A third season blows clouds on to love's horizon for some
denizens of Cicely, Alaska. For Maggie, a ceremony to unveil
a larger-than-life-size statue of recently deceased boyfriend
Rick turns gloomier when a female stranger in the crowd pipes
up with an intimate eulogy of her own. This revelation of Rick's
unfaithfulness sends Maggie storming off to drown her sorrows in
drink. Meanwhile, Maurice is walking on air thanks to his unbridled
emotion for a gun-loving, by-the-book state trooper, but a search
for tax loopholes may ground him. And Joel is bound for disaster
when the nomadic Adam requests a late-night house call for his
ailing wife, Eve.
Eve: Valerie Mahaffey
Officer Barbara Semanski: Diane Delano
Joanne: Catherine de Prume
Adam: Adam Arkin
Rick Pederson: Grant Goodeve

3.2 9/30/91 "Only You"
Written by: Ellen Herman
Directed by: Bill D'Elia
Maurice accuses Holling of snapping an unflattering photograph
of him; Joel focuses on Chris's uncanny ability to attract women,
while Chris becomes fixated on a woman out of his reach; and
Maggie envisions her vision problem as a sign of decline.
Irene Rondenet: Caitlin Clarke
Linda: Heidi Swedberg
Patti: Denice Duff

3.3 10/7/91 "Oy, Wilderness"
Written by: Robin Green
Directed by: Miles Watkins
An emergency landing in Maggie's plane sends Maggie foraging for
food in the wilderness, while Joel sits idly by blubbering about
the menu. Back in Cicely, the arrival of Shelly's best friend
triggers a tiff--and reminiscences over lost youth.
Cindy: Christine Elise

3.4 10/14/91 "Animals R Us"
Written by: Robin Green
Directed by: Nick Marck
Maggie proclaims that Rick has returned--in the guise of a lovable
malamute; Maurice envisions a multimillion-dollar ostrich farm;
and auteur Ed captures in his film the human landscape of Cicely.
Grandma Woody: Sparkle
Crow Flies Straight: Harry Pringle
Jerry the Indian: Bryson Liberty
Dog Owner: Kellee Bradley
Special Dog Effects: Frank Welker

3.5 10/28/91 "Jules et Joel"
Written by: Stuart Stevens
Directed by: Jim Hayman
Mental ghouls and goblins wreak havoc with Joel after a fall in
the woods, bringing to Cicely the specter of Jules, his slick
twin brother who trades places with Joel to practice medicine
and court Maggie. Meanwhile, Holling pays an old debt; and
Chris braces for a meeting with an old neighbor and felon.
Jules: Rob Morrow
Officer Barbara Semanski: Diane Delano
Buddy: Douglas Rowe
Jerry: John Procaccino
Sigmund Freud: Lou Hetler
Man In Street: Gary Taylor
Woman In Cab: Shelley Henning
Logger: Dave Guppy
Cab Driver: Ben DiGregorio
Patient: Robert J. Zenk
Crazed Caller: Raymond O'Connor

3.6 11/4/91 "The Body In Question"
Written by: Henry Bromell
Directed by: David Carson
Chris's discovery of the frozen century-old corpse of a Frenchman
has a once-skeptical Joel rethinking the course of history,
Maurice plotting a new enterprise, Shelly pondering fertility,
and Holling reflecting on his own tainted gene pool.
Elijah: Allan Miller
Dave the Cook: William J. White
Woman: Sharon Collar
Yo'el: Shmuly Levitin
Tellakutan: Gabriel Salvador

3.7 11/11/91 "Roots"
Written by: Dennis Koenig and Jordan Budde
Directed by: Sandy Smolan
The widow Elaine shows up unexpectedly and gets a cold reception
from ex-fiance Joel, until Maggie unintentionally plays matchmaker;
the arrival of Chris's brother Bernard conjures up dreams of Africa
in Chris, who declares himself to be a "person of color"; and a new
chef makes a culinary impression.
Elaine Schulman: Jessica Lundy
Bernard: Richard Cummings Jr.
Adam: Adam Arkin
African Dance Sequences by Djimbe West African Drummers and
Dancers and Ceedo Senegalese Dance Company

3.8 11/18/91 "A-Hunting We Will Go"
Written by: Craig Volk
Directed by: Bill D'Elia
After grousing about the hunting frenzy sweeping Cicely, Joel sees
first hand what it's all about by outfitting himself to join Chris
and Holling for the primal ritual in the wilds. Holling, however,
prefers the home fires to camp fires. Meanwhile, back in town, Ed
fears that Ruth-Anne is being stalked by the grim reaper.

3.9 12/9/91 "Get Real"
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: Michael Katleman
A colorful bus breaks down in Cicely, carrying a traveling carnival
troupe whose nonverbal "flying man" takes a fancy to Marilyn. But
there's heartache in store for Shelly when Holling takes note of
her "inordinately large" feet. Meanwhile, as Chris becomes
captivated by the mysteries of magic, Joel hits the books after
deciding on a subspecialty.
Steve: Richard Brestoff
Adrienne: Judith Kahan
Nina: Remy Ryan
Enrico Bellati, the Flying Man: Bill Irwin
Mrs. Whirlwind: Armenia Miles
Mr. Whirlwind: Reginald Ward
Handsome Man: Dan Perkins
Ludwig Wittgenstein Masquerade and Reality Company: Cirque du Soleil

3.10 12/16/91 "Seoul Mates"
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: Jack Bender
The holidays are celebrated with a pageant of the raven by the
townsfolk, and bring mixed blessings for an accident-prone Maggie,
a first Christmas tree for Joel, and a foreign family for Maurice.
Yung Yong Ja: Kim Kim
Yung Duk Won: Kwi Hyun (James) Song
Yung Bong Joo: Chi-Muoi Lo
Narssak: Ralph P. Martin
Dave the Cook: William J. White

3.11 1/6/92 "Dateline: Cicely"
Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Directed by: Michael Fresco
Maurice goes out on a limb to spice up his newspaper's coverage by
hiring an unnamed reporter given to clandestine meetings; Maggie
talks to the trees, but Joel won't listen; and, to ease Holling's
tax debts, Chris becomes a partner at the Brick, where he sets
about sprucing up the place.
Adam: Adam Arkin
Man on Street: Gary Taylor
Eddie: Eddie Levi Lee
Dave the Cook: William J. White

3.12 1/13/92 "Our Tribe"
Written by: David Assael
Directed by: Lee Shallet
Joel reluctantly undergoes a cultural conversion after receiving
a goat as a gift from a grateful village elder, who insists on
"adopting" him into her tribe; and a mysterious Holling shuts
down the Brick, ostensibly to wax the floors.
Gloria Noanuk: Rosetta Pintado
Morning Star: Harry Pringle
Judy Baker: Mary Waskey
George Tuck: Al Hood
Libby Stevens: Katherine Davis
Goat Sounds: Frank Welker

3.13 1/20/92 "Things Become Extinct"
Written by: Robin Green from a story by Mitchell Burgess
Directed by: Dean Parisot
A study in self-examination brings on a midlife crisis for Holling,
opens up another door for Ed and leaves Joel feeling culturally
Ira Wingfeather: Bryson Liberty
Earl the Barber: Jerry Morris

3.14 2/3/92 "Burning Down The House"
Written by: Robin Green
Directed by: Rob Thompson
Tempers sizzle with the arrival of Maggie's "pathologically polite"
mother, who brings alarming news for Maggie; the creative process
inflames Chris with an unusual vision for his conceptual-art
project; and Joel offers up a challenge to a chimney sweep who has
lost his drive to win.
Jane O'Connell: Bibi Besch
Larry Coe (Chimney Sweep): John M. Jackson
Gary: Gary Taylor
Townsperson: Haynes Brooke

3.15 2/24/92 "Democracy In America"
Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Directed by: Michael Katleman
Mayoral incumbent Holling is stung by news that he has a formidable
opponent--old friend Edna Hancock, who's got a bee in her bonnet
over a promise he never followed up on. The election also finds
Shelly tasting the aphrodisiac of power, Chris waxing patriotic,
Ed anticipating his first time voting, and Joel and Maggie arguing
party politics.
Edna Hancock: Rita Taggart
George the Barber: Clayton Corazette
Dave the Cook: William J. White
Customer: Eric Ray Anderson
Dorothy: Dorothy Hanlin
Logger: Patrick Ryals

3.16 3/2/92 "The Three Amigos"
Written by: Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green
Directed by: Matthew Nodella
The death of a rugged hunting companion sends Holling and Maurice
packing for the wilderness, intending to make good on a promise to
bury him miles from civilization at a paradise called No-Name Point.
But they're bogged down with disasters, including hooking up
with the man's headstrong widow.
Solvang Planey: Joanna Cassidy
Reinhard Shoulder: Norbert Weisser
Teak: Brian T. Finney
Pig Eye: Tom Spinner

3.17 3/9/92 "Lost And Found"
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: Steve Robman
Landlady Maggie calls in an exorcist when Joel hears rumblings of
the ghost of a loner who committed suicide in the house some 40
years ago; another menace for Joel is the hypochondriac Eve, who
complains of a host of new ailments; Maurice considers it an honor
to do a favor for an old colonel.
Eve: Valerie Mahaffey
Emile: Time Winters
Colonel Gordon KcKern: Noble Willingham
Dave the Cook: William J. White
Mr. Swanson: Gary Taylor
Patron: Robert J. Zenk

3.18 3/16/92 "My Mother, My Sister"
Written by: Kate Boutilier and Mitchell Burgess
Directed by: Rob Thompson
An infant abandoned in Joel's waiting room gets plenty of TLC from
Cicely residents and even stirs nesting instincts in some. But for
Shelly, a surprise visit from her youth-crazed mother turns family
life topsy-turvy.
Tammy Tambo: Wendy Schaal
Kenny Cadashay: Sean O'Bryan
Adam: Adam Arkin
Dave the Cook: William J. White

3.19 3/23/92 "Wake-Up Call"
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: Nick Marck
Spring has sprung in Cicely and with it come crocuses, free eggs at
the Brick, a rebirth of sorts for Shelly, a diagnostic refresher
for Joel, and an awakening of passions for Maggie.
Arthur: Andreas Wisniewski
Leonard Quinhagak: Graham Greene
Dave the Cook: William J. White
Customer: Robert Nicholson

3.20 4/27/92 "The Final Frontier"
Written by: Jeffrey Vlaming
Directed by: Tom Moore
Japanese tourists converge on Cicely to perform a ritual under the
Northern Lights; Holling girds his loins to go looking for Jesse
the bear in Widowmaker's Cave; and curiosity gets the best of
townsfolk when a package arrives with postmarks from around the globe.
Ron: Doug Ballard
Erick: Don R. McManus
Tourist #1: Akemi Namei
Tourist #2: Rob Narita
Dave the Cook: William J. White
Bar Patron #1: Paul Fleming
Bar Patron #2: Wally Dalton

3.21 5/4/92 "It Happened In Juneau"
Written by: David Assael
Directed by: Michael Katleman
Joel anticipates a weekend in Juneau in the company of attractive
female doctors, but instead he's stuck in the same hotel suite
with Maggie, who cramps his style. Back home, Chris becomes
tongue-tied as Bernard, his "karmic doppelganger," returns from Africa.
Bernard Stevens: Richard Cummings Jr.
Linda Angelo: Beth Broderick
Hotel Clerk: Woody Eney
John Harcourt: Peter Bradshaw
Patient: John Billingsley
Bellhop: James Marsters
Dr. Paul Brennan: Kent MacLachlan

3.22 5/11/92 "Our Wedding"
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: Nick Marck
The wedding of Adam and Eve creates a union of disparate elements
and reveals a secret about the bride; Adam's bachelor party at the
Brick finds the guys guzzling and puzzling over the gulf between
men and women; Joel and Maggie make an effort to finish what they
started in Juneau.
Eve: Valerie Mahaffey
Bernard: Richard Cummings Jr.
Officer Barbara Semanski: Diane Delano
Adam: Adam Arkin
Ivory Springer: Ralph P. Martin
Dave the Cook: William J. White

3.23 5/18/92 "Cicely"
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: Rob Thompson
A 108-year-old visitor brings to life Cicely's beginnings, circa
1909, recounting tales of what was once a cultural mecca known as
"the Paris of the North," settled by a free-thinking pioneer named
Cicely and her companion Roslyn.
Roslyn: Jo Anderson
Cicely: Yvonne Suhor
Ned: Roberts Blossom
Rhoda: Peg Phillips
Dave the Cook: William J. White
Singing Drunk: Brian T. Finney
Thin Woman: Sharon Collar
Sturdy Woman: Krisha Fairchild

4.1 9/28/92 "Northwest Passages"
Written by: Robin Green
Directed by: Dean Parisot
In the series' fourth-season opener, the fear of aging grips Maggie
when her 30th birthday sheds light on everything lacking in her life.
Her solution: an Indian ritual laying the past to rest. Meanwhile,
Maurice composes his memoirs; and Marilyn asks Chris to teach her to
Rick Pederson: Grant Goodeve
Camper: Brian I. Finney

4.2 10/5/92 "Midnight Sun"
Written by: Geoffrey Neigher
Directed by: Michael Katleman
The midnight sun warms Joel's libido, and he's energized by feelings
of well-being--plus a basketball-coaching assignment he takes very
seriously. Meanwhile, the sunlight brings to town adventure-seeking
salesman Gillis Toomey, who's tempted to settle down in Cicely,
thanks to a local charmer; Shelly, decked out in her cheerleading
uniform, arouses Holling.
Gillis Toomey: Jim Haynie

4.3 10/12/92 "Nothing's Perfect"
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: Nick Marck
Chris runs over a dog and events add up to romance for him and its
owner, a pet-loving mathematician. Meanwhile, Maurice wants his
universe to run like clockwork after purchasing a magnificent
antique German timepiece, fine-tuned by a young master craftsman.
Amy Lochner: Wendel Meldrum
Rolf Hauser: Mark Pellegrino
Lucky: Kelly Connell

4.4 10/19/92 "Heroes"
Written by: Jeffrey Vlaming
Directed by: Chuck Braverman
Adam Ant plays Brad Bonner, a rock star lost in Cicely, who stays
long enough to play a gig with Native American drummers and be the
subject of a film by Ed. Chris, meanwhile, contemplates the proper
burial for a friend.

4.5 11/2/92 "Blowing Bubbles"
Written by: Mark Perry
Directed by: Rob Thompson
Cicely's wholesome environment brings to town the hyperallergenic
Mike Monroe, who lives in virtual isolation in a geodesic dome.
Also enchanted by the town's atmosphere is Ruth-Anne's yuppie,
investment-banker son Matthew, who claims to be taking time out
to breathe the air and spend quality time with his mom.
Mike Monroe: Anthony Edwards
Matthew Miller: Joel Polis

4.6 11/9/92 "On Your Own"
Written by: Sy Rosen and Christian Williams
Directed by: Joan Tewksburg
Silent "Flying Man" Enrico Ballati returns to Cicely-- and to
Marilyn-- with a group of whimsical mimes (members of the
Mummenschanz theatrical group), which delights the townsfolk.
Meanwhile, finding a ruby inside a fish conjures up Fellini-like
imagery for Ed and dissolves his case of director's block.
Enrico Ballati: Bill Irwin

4.7 11/16/92 "The Bad Seed"
Written by: Mitchell Burgess
Directed by: Randall Miller
Valerie Perrine plays the daughter Holling never knew he had--
and (after she appears out of the blue) he wishes he'd never met,
for Holling sees her as a "bad seed" who's corrupting Shelly.
Meanwhile, Ed befriends a migrating crane flying south through
Cicely; and Marilyn's dream home is strangely similar to her
mother's home, which she just left.
Mrs. Whirlwind: Armenia Miles

4.8 11/23/92 "Thanksgiving"
Written by: David Assael
Directed by: Michael Fresco
Cicely's Day of the Dead Parade and follow-up Thanksgiving feast
evoke phantasmagorical figures, and the colors and aromas of fall.
But not everyone shares in the enthusiasm. A tightly wound Joel
has little to be thankful for learning that the state of Alaska
requires his services for another year. And bubble man Mike
considers moving to a less-contaminated clime. Meanwhile, Chris
waxes nostalgic about Thanksgivings past--in prison.
Mike Monroe: Anthony Edwards
Sisyphus: Tom Spiller
Patient: Al DenBeste
Dave the Cook: William J. White

4.9 11/30/92 "Do The Right Thing"
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: Nick Marck
A former KGB spy claiming to have a dossier on Maurice shakes up
Cicely with tall tales of espionage; another visitor, a young
health inspector with a nose for detail, puts in his two-cents
worth at the Brick; and the death of another friend has Maggie
on her best behavior.
Viktor: David Hemmings
Maggie's Neighbor: John Sylvain
Jason: John Hawkes

4.10 12/14/92 "Crime and Punishment"
Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Directed by: Rob Thompson
Karma catches up with Chris for a West Virginia parole violation,
and the subsequent extradition hearing becomes an arena for
philosophical discourse, with a spirited defense by lawyer Mike
and community testimony attesting to Chris's good deeds.
Mike Monroe: Anthony Edwards
Judge Percy: Anne Haney
Off. Barbara Semanski: Diane Delano

4.11 1/4/93 "Survival of the Species"
Written by: Denise Dobbs
Directed by: Dean Parisot
After unearthing Native American artifacts in her yard, Maggie
wages war against men, particularly Maurice, who's quick to see
dollar signs in the discovery. On other turf, a post-apocalyptic
nightmare has Ed contemplating the end of life on Earth: and a
resourceful youngster ends up at the Brick, where he's struck by
the love bug.
Brad Young: Edan Gross
Eric: Don R. McManus
Doug Ballard, Robert Nadir, William J. White

4.12 1/11/93 "Revelations"
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: Daniel Attias
Feeling caught up in the secular world, Chris seeks spiritual
rejuvenation at a monastery; former landlord Maurice fumes
after Ruth-Anne pays off the store, leaving Ed to suffer when
the two press him to take sides in their feud; and the absence
of all patients disorients Joel.
Brother Timothy: Stephen Root
Brother Simon: Elizabeth Juviler
Brother James: Greg Loughridge
Bernard: Richard Cummings, Jr.

4.13 1/18/93 "Duets"
Written by: Geoffrey Neigher
Directed by: Win Phelps
Ed gets another visit from One-Who-Waits, who again claims to
have tracked down Ed's father. Meanwhile, a blind piano tuner
strikes a dissonant chord with Holling; and Mike and Maggie trek
to the mountains in search of an ecological time bomb.
One-Who-Waits: Floyd Red Crow Westerman
Pete: Gordon Tootoosis
Kevin Conway

4.14 2/1/93 "Grosse Pointe 48230"
Written by: Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess
Directed by: Michael Katleman
While on a visit to Maggie's upscale home town for her grandmother's
80th birthday, Maggie's family dynamics wreak havoc with Joel's
plans to attend a Knicks-Pistons game.
Grammy: Barbara Townsend
Jed: D. David Morin
Jane: Bibi Besch
Stephie: Lisa Waltz
James Masters, Mary Marsh, Marjorie Nelsen, Dylan Baker

4.15 2/8/93 "Learning Curve"
Written by: Jeffrey Vlaming
Directed by: Michael Vittes
A headstrong, opinionated schoolteacher clashes with Maggie and
gives Holling little hope of gaining his high-school diploma.
Elsewhere, mother hen Joel wrings his hands as Marilyn takes off
on an adventure in Seattle.
Teacher: Jo Anderson
Det. McNamara: George Catalano
Stuart: Brian J. Feinstein

4.16 2/15/93 "Ill Wind"
Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Directed by: Rob Thompson
Ill winds blow in from the east, bringing with them metaphysical
bumps and bruises for Joel, who asks for trouble and gets it from
Maggie. Meanwhile, Chris and Maurice have a windswept encounter
with fate; and Ed, surrounded by psychic instability, dwells on
thoughts of death.
Enrique: Joaquin Martinez

4.17 2/22/93 "Love's Labour Mislaid"
Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Directed by: Joe Napolitano
Joel blows up at Maggie for conveniently forgetting their roll in
the hay; Uncle Anku encourages Ed to play the mating game and take
a wife; Maggie lets herself be wined and dined by Mike; and bird-
watchers Holling and Ruth-Anne camp out in the woods.
Uncle Anku: Frank Sotonoma Salsedo
Debbie: Michelle St. John
Craig: James Chestnutt
Debbie's Aunt: Ramona Ahto

4.18 3/1/93 "Northern Lights"
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: Bill D'Elia
The winter solstice lights the way to a new creative direction for
Chris; finds Holling hibernating to recharge his batteries; and
encourages Joel--after he's denied a vacation--to break his
Hippocratic oath and go on strike. But that eventually incurs the
wrath of Cicely's residents, who muster empathy only for a down-on-
his-luck Vietnam vet.
(Veteran): Scott Paulin
Bernard Stevens: Richard Cummings Jr.

4.19 3/8/93 "Family Feud"
Written by: David Assael
Directed by: Adam Arkin
The unveiling of the Whirlwind family's totem pole, crafted by
healer and sculptor Leonard, prompts a frosty feud between
Marilyn, Ed and Dave; Shelly is advised to marry to stop her
hallucinations of dancers; and Joel and Maggie come to terms
with their mutual incompatibility.
Leonard: Graham Greene
Dave: William J. White

4.20 3/15/93 "Homesick"
Written by: Jeffrey Vlaming
Directed by: Nick Marck
The romantic mood of Maggie's pizza dinner to celebrate Mike's
recovery is doused by Mike's announcement that he must leave
Cicely. Meanwhile, Shelly's redecorating takes its toll on
Holling; and Maurice brings north the family home he grew up
in-- along with melancholy memories of his childhood.
Mike: Anthony Edwards
Malcolm: David Hrdlicka

4.21 3/22/93 "The Big Feast"
Written by: Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green
Directed by: Rob Thompson
To celebrate KBHR's silver jubilee, Maurice throws a blowout,
which brings eccentric wanderers Adam and Eve to town; leaves
Joel feeling miffed that he didn't get invited; and finds Shelly
preoccupied with replacing the bottle of vintage wine she broke.
Adam: Adam Arkin
Eve: Valerie Mahaffey
Eddie: Dave Hurtubise
Ron: Doug Ballard

4.22 5/3/93 "Kaddish for Uncle Manny"
Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Directed by: Michael Lange
The community tries to find Jews to join in a traditional prayer
with Joel, who's mourning the death of his uncle; Chris volunteers
Bernard to help in a family feud with the rough and tumble Miller
brothers of West Virginia; and Shelly puts her foot down when Marilyn
picks Holling as a dance partner.
Bernard: Richard Cummings, Jr.
Buck: Paul Walsh

4.23 5/10/93 "Mud And Blood"
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: Jim Charleston
The arrival of a prize truffle-hunting pig and the onslaught of
mosquitoes signal springtime in Cicely. The warming season also
finds Holling obsessed with the urge to plant something and Maggie
discovering her new-found healing powers.
Ivory: Ralph P. Martin

4.24 5/17/93 "Sleeping With The Enemy"
Written by: Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess
Directed by: Frank Prinzi
Memories of Maurice's wartime archenemy surface after son Duk Won
arrives asking Maurice's permission to marry; Ed's idea for keeping
his ancestors' Tlingit language alive involves dubbing the film
"Prisoner of Zenda" with voices of Cicely elders, such as Leston
Havens; and Holling's thirst goes unquenched.
Duk Won: James Song
Leston Havens: Ned Romero
Soon Ae: Young Mo
Ron: Doug Ballard
Eric: Don R. McManus

4.25 5/24/93 "Old Tree"
Written by: Diane Frolov and Robin Green
Directed by: Michael Fresco
Maurice sounds the death knell for Old Vicky, Cicely's 300-year-old
cottonwood tree, as Joel looks for a way to save it; Shelly can't
open her mouth without spontaneously breaking out in song, which
grates on Holling's nerves; and Maggie practically kills Joel with
Ivory Springer: Ralph P. Martin
Walt: Moultrie Patten
[Last first-run episode of the season]

5.1 9/20/93 "Three Doctors"
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: Daniel Attias
In the series' fifth-season opener, Joel is afflicted with "glacier
dropsy", an illness endemic to the Cicely region of Alaska. While
Joel rides out the tundra fever, medicine man Leonard looks in on
his patients, including Ed, whose "sleep-flying" can mean only one
thing-- he's been called to be a shaman; and Shelly, whose singing
days are on the wane.
Leonard: Graham Greene
Dr. Weisberg: Scott LaRose
Donald Dirksen

5.2 9/27/93 "The Mystery of the Old Curio Shop"
Written by: Rogers Turrentine
Directed by: Michael Fresco
A baffling experience at an antique shop in town draws Maggie into
a Nancy Drew-like mystery. Meanwhile, Joel discovers a link between
his cultural heritage and Marilyn's; and Maurice refuses to grow old
Mrs. Le Fleur: Lori Larsen
Le Fleur: Bob Morrisey
Ricky: Douglas Rowe
Ellen: Micole Mercurio
Kimberly: Traci Martinson

5.3 10/4/93 "Jaws of Life"
Written by: Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess
Directed by: Jim Charleston
Maurice finds his waxen image a little too close for comfort; Chris
is disturbed to discover he may face a long life instead of early
demise; and the yearly visit from a traveling dentist has Maggie
and others skittish.
Dr. John Summer: Jay O. Sanders
Arthur: Brian George

5.4 10/11/93 "Altered Egos"
Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Directed by: John Coles
Chris faces a metaphysical conundrum when Bernard returns, and he's
head over heels in love with one of Chris's ex-girlfriends-- who now
can't tell the brothers apart. Meanwhile, Joel fears he's undergoing
a personality meltdown by getting too comfortable in Cicely; and
Marilyn gives a potential partner the heave-ho because of his medical
Ann McGrath: Lisa Darr
Ted: Tim Sampson
Walt: Moultrie Patten
Floyd: Ray G. Thunderchild
Ernie: Ronald Hunter

5.5 10/25/93 "A River Doesn't Run Through It"
Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Directed by: Nick Marck
Maggie is flattered by the attentions of a randy high-schooler who
asked her to be homecoming queen; a by-the-book IRS agent scours
Ruth-Anne's accounts during a tax audit; and Maurice wheels and
deals in a real-estate transaction with a Native American whose
wealth he envies.
Kevin Wilkins: Jack Black
Amy Patterson: Anne DeSalvo
Lester Haynes: Apesanahkwat
Bob Hanson: Wally Dalton
Myra Haynes: Sue Morales

5.6 11/1/93 "Birds of a Feather"
Written by: Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess
Directed by: Mark Horowitz
When Joel's parents visit Cicely for the first time, his mother
is awestruck by its serene beauty and later soars with the eagles,
while his dad plays Mr. Fix-it around the house and outshines Joel
at the Brick. Meanwhile, Holling's confessed distaste for sports
makes for hot conversation around town.
Nadine: Joanna Merlin
Herb: David Margulies
Pettit: Frank Dartt
Phil: Clark Sandford
Owen: George Barril

5.7 11/8/93 "Rosebud"
Written by: Barbara Hall
Directed by: Michael Fresco
Stimulated by the genius of Orson Welles' movies but stricken by
self-doubt, Ed embarks on the organizing of Cicely's first film
festival. Elsewhere, Leonard discovers he's unable to locate
"the white collective unconscious" in his studies of Western
folklore; and Joel confirms that he's not a team player.
Peter Bogdanovich: Himself
Leonard: Graham Greene

5.8 11/15/93 "Heal Thyself"
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: Michael Katleman
Shaman-in-training Ed diagnoses a patient, who then falls for him,
but his low self-esteem brings a visit from the demon Green Man.
Meanwhile, Holling gets thrown out of Shelly's Lamaze class; and
Maggie misses the camaraderie of the local coin laundry after
buying a washer-dryer.
Green Man: Phil Fondacaro
Bonnie: Kimberly Norris
Leonard: Graham Greene
Jared Rushton

5.9 11/22/93 "Cup of Joe"
Written by: Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess
Directed by: Michael Lange
Ed peruses a trapper's 1897 diary and discovers an alarming tale of
cannibalism that later gnaws at birdwatching companions Holling
and Ruth-Anne. Meanwhile, anxiety eats away at Chris as he prepares
to take his written pilot's exam; and Marilyn turns crime solver
when the petty cash at Joel's office turns up missing.
Hayden: James Dunn

5.10 12/13/93 "First Snow"
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: Daniel Attias
In anticipation of winter's first snow, Maggie redecorates her
cabin for maximum coziness. But Joel is afflicted with guilt and
self-reproach arising from his treatment of an elderly-- but
healthy-- patient who claims she's "winding down"; and Shelly's
little white lie about love conjures up fears that her nose
is growing.
Nedra: Harriet Medin
Allen: Rich Hawkins
Darlene: Sylvia Scott
Owen: George Barril

5.11 1/3/94 "Baby Blues"
Written by: Barbara Hall
Directed by: Jim Charleston
With help from Eve, Maggie throws a baby shower for Shelly. But
listening to childbirthing horror tales fills Shelly with so much
dread that she escapes into the woods, where she encounters a
dreamlike confab of legendary women. Meanwhile, a visiting Hollywood
agent claims to have taken a liking to Ed's movie script; and Chris
vows to get back in touch with his "inner woman".
Eve: Valerie Mahaffey
Judd Bromell: Donal Logue

5.12 1/10/94 "Mr. Sandman"
Story by: Diane Frolov, Andrew Schneider and David Chase
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: Michael Fresco
The aurora borealis brings magnetic storms to Cicely. The result...
residents start swapping dreams, sending Holling to Dr. Joel for
psychotherapy and creating friction between Maurice and B&B owners
Ron and Erick.
Ron: Doug Ballard
Erick: Don R. McManus
French Canadian: Clement Von Franckenstein
Customer: Delia Sheppard

5.13 1/17/94 "Mite Makes Right"
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: Michael Vittes
A concert violinist begs Maurice not to lock away a prized Guarnerius
that Maurice bought only as an investment; Chris reaches an artistic
impasse until he considers the symphony of life in the "microscopic
melting pot"; and dust mites awaken Maggie's irrational fear of
Violinist: Simon Templeman
Officer Semanski: Diane Delano
Dust Mite: Jack Kehler

5.14 1/24/94 "Bolt From the Blue"
Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Directed by: Michael Lange
Adam returns to Cicely with some wacko ideas about the fireworks
experts Maurice hired for the Presidents' Day celebration; Joel
intervenes when a park ranger who lost his job holes up in a fire
tower and refuses to leave his post; and Ed is struck by lightning.
Adam: Adam Arkin
Ranger Burns: Jimmie Ray Weeks

5.15 1/31/94 "Hello, I Love You"
Written by: Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess
Directed by: Michael Fresco
A young girl at the coin laundry leaves Shelly with second thoughts
about going to Anchorage to deliver her baby; endures frostbite on
a back-roads outing with Ruth-Anne; and Joel out-stitches Maggie at
Marilyn's baby-bootie knitting workshop.
Miranda (age 7): Kaley Cuoco
Miranda (age 12): Lindsay Parker
Walt: Moultrie Patten
Maureen Flannigan

5.16 2/28/94 "Northern Hospitality"
Written by: Barbara Hall
Directed by: Oz Scott
At Joel's first dinner party, friends suffer the consequences of
his hospitality; Shelly returns to Canada with Miranda to get in
touch with her roots after she discovers that Holling gave up his
Canadian citizenship; and townsfolk grouse over changes in the
playlist of "Chris in the Morning."
Adam: Adam Arkin
Iris: Ocean Hellman
Walt: Moultrie Patten
Dr. Mink: Burke Pearson
Edna: Rita Taggart
Dave: William J. White
Guard: Bruce Baum

5.17 3/7/94 "Una Volta in L'Inverno"
Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Directed by: Michael Vittes
Herds of caribou run amok down Main Street during cabin-fever
season, which also finds Walt abusing his prescription medication
for seasonal affective disorder; Joel and Maggie trapped in a
snowstorm at the airport; and Ruth-Anne is attempting to learn
Italian so she can read Dante's "The Divine Comedy" in the
Edna: Rita Taggart

5.18 3/14/94 "Fish Story"
Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Directed by: Bill D'Elia
Joel turns down Maggie's offer to prepare him a Passover dinner
and opts for a fishing trip that leads to the fight of his life
when he tries to reel in a monster fish out on East Loon Lake.
Elsewhere, Ruth-Anne abandons her store and rides off on a Harley;
and Maurice's art criticism bruises
Holling's fragile ego.
Rabbi Schulman: Jerry Adler
Turk: Stephen McHattie
Mickey Jones, John Fleck

5.19 3/28/94 "The Gift of the Maggie"
Written by: Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess
Directed by: Patrick McKee
A vulnerable Maurice doesn't take kindly to the Tambo-Vincoeurs'
generosity following an explosion at his house; Joel finds a
kindred spirit with whom to exchange "doctor talk," thanks
to Maggie's friendly gesture; and Chris can't dismiss a series
of meaningful coincidences involving a deer.
Lieutenant Commander Doctor: Hank Stratton

5.20 4/11/94 "A Wing and a Prayer"
Written by: Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess
Directed by: Lorraine Senna Ferrarra
Shelly is confronted with a loss of faith on the eve of
Miranda Bliss's baptism, while Ed contemplates redemption
after spreading around town the details of Ruth-Anne's
private life. Meanwhile, Maggie wrestles with self-doubt
as she busies herself with the nuts and bolts of building
an airplane.
Father Kevin: Tom Mason
Eugene: Earl Quewezance
Lester: Apesanahkwat
Myra: Marianne Jones

5.21 5/2/94 "I Feel the Earth Move"
Written by: Jed Seidel
Directed by: Michael Fresco
The proprietors of the Sourdough Inn B&B prepare to tie the
knot in the first wedding of spring. Most of the townsfolk
find nothing unusual in the planned nuptials of longtime
companions Erick and Ron. Maurice, however, is aghast. And
Holling sees a profit-making opportunity; he'll cater but cut
corners on the gourmet menu. Meanwhile, anxieties plague Erick,
who's consumed by pre-wedding jitters, and Maggie, who experiences
stomach-turning dizziness every time she's around Joel.
Erick: Don R. McManus
Ron: Doug Ballard
Patricia: Joyce Van Patten
Eugene: Earl Quewezance

5.22 5/9/94 "Gran Prix"
Written by: Barbara Hall
Directed by: Michael Lange
As wheelchair athletes converge on Cicely for a road race
sponsored by Team Minnifield, the Green Man of low self-esteem
pays another visit to shaman Ed, who tries to cure one
competitor's ailment-- and also battle her demon of External
Validation. Meanwhile, Ted discovers that the rich really
are different.
Demon of E.V.: Ben Reed
Ted: Tim Sampson
Dr. Grant Saperstein: Markus Flanagan

5.23 5/16/94 "Blood Ties"
Written by: Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green
Directed by: Thomas K. Moore
The entire town is being bled dry by Maurice's competition
with Sleepmute in the annual blood drive. Meanwhile, old
boyfriend Jed drops by from Grosse Pointe to do a little
hunting with (or for) Maggie, and Joel believes he's losing
his chops as a doctor when he starts missing the vein.
Jed: D. David Morin

5.24 5/23/94 "Lovers and Madmen"
Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Directed by: James Hayden
Violinist Cal sees an opportunity for escape after getting a
one-day pass from the asylum to help Maurice entertain Sgt.
Semanski. Elsewhere, Chris' fantasy image of a former high
school love turns out to be nothing like the real thing;
and Joel stumbles upon a frozen woolly mammoth.
(last episode of season)
Cal: Simon Templeman
Sgt. Semanski: Diane Delano
Girlfriend: Carol Baree

6.1 9/19/94 "Dinner at 7:30"
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: Michael Fresco
The 1992 Emmy-winning series kicks off its sixth season with
a fantasy outing that transforms Cicely's folksy regulars
into New York sophisticates.
As the story opens, Joel mistakenly ingests a mysterious
herb drink and (Whammo!) Cicely's fish-out-of-water doctor
is plunged into the turbulent seas of the competitive
New York whirl. Among the Manhattanites in his dream,
his socialite wife, Shelly; the imperious Dr. Ruth-Anne
Miller, who's considering Joel for a partnership; corporate
raider Ed Chigliak; debonair cabaret singer Holling;
doorman Maurice; and Maggie, the Fleischmans' plucky
au pair.

6.2 9/26/94 "Eye of the Beholder"
Written by: Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess
Directed by: Jim Charleston
On a stakeout, PI-in-training Ed reluctantly spies on
Hayden Keyes, who may be faking injury for financial gain;
Maggie's and Maurice's respective charity donations
precipitate regrets; and Shelly's purchase of an antique
dollhouse bring grandscale dreams.
Hayden Keyes: James L. Dunn
Heather: Charmaine Craig
Reynaldo: Ronald G. Joseph
Mr. Lewis: Rick Turner

6.3 10/3/94 "Shofar, So Good"
Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Directed by: James Hayman
A self-absorbed Joel is forced to atone for his sins when
he's visited during a fitful sleep by a rabbi who's the
ghost of Yom Kippur past, present and future; Maurice's
honored guest arrives for Cicely's annual fox hunt, but
Ruth-Anne manages to outfox the hunters; and Holling yearns
to make amends for past misdeeds.
Rabbi Schulman: Jerry Adler
Hayden Keyes: James L. Dunn
Lady Ann: Jill Gascoine

6.4 10/10/94 "The Letter"
Written by: Meredith Stiehm
Directed by: Jim Charleston
Maggie engages in critical introspection after receiving
a letter she had written to herself at age 15; Joel
ponders his fate after discovering a strange lump
growing on his head; Shelly chalks up her recent streak
of bad luck to chucking a chain letter; and a surly
barber takes an instant dislike to the hirsute Chris.
Angelo Maxwell: Bill Cobbs
Mary-Margaret (age 15): Tara Suskoff
Dr. Rojas: Curnal Aulisio

6.5 10/17/94 "The Robe"
Written by: Sam Egan
Directed by: Lorraine Senna Ferrara
Shelly makes a deal with a "devil" in hopes of bringing
legalized gambling to Cicely; Ed bungles Joel's clinical
tests on an experimental pill to cure the common cold--
a pill that some subjects claim has given them uncommon
abilities; and Chris gains new popularity when he brings
a co-host-- a wooden dummy-- on his show.
Himself: Shecky Greene
Roger Brewster: Charles Martin Smith

6.6 10/31/94 "Zarya"
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: Jim Charleston
As filmmaker Ed captures Marilyn telling an amazing story
of her Grandfather Emery's Alaskan encounter with Russian
princess Anastasia, he finds his filmmaker's vision in a tale
of Cicely's early days that unfolds on-screen. It involves
a secret meeting that took place between the princess and
Anastasia: Tushka Bergen
Lenin: Christopher Neame
Joel/Mikhail: Rob Morrow
Maggie/Marina Orlova: Janine Turner

6.7 11/7/94 "Full Upright Position"
Written by: Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess
Directed by: Oz Scott
Charges of static electricity generate a new interest--
and a new art project-- for Chris; sparks fly between Joel
and Maggie on a Russian airline bound for St. Petersburg,
where Joel is scheduled to speak at a medical convention;
and Maurice welcomes his young cousin Maurice to Cicely,
hopefully to take over the family business.
Maurice: Trevor Bullock
Vasili: Slav Troyan

6.8 11/14/94 "Up River"
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: Mike Fresco
Firearms discharge whenever Joel and Maggie get intimate,
and it's driving Joel to distraction-- and, eventually,
into the Alaskan outback to live in a remote settlement.
Back in Cicely, Chris's house is anything but a home
after a contractor botches a remodeling job on the
trailer; and Ruth-Anne surrenders to love.
Contractor: Gary Basaraba
Walt: Moultrie Patten

6.9 11/28/94 "Sons of the Tundra"
Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Directed by: Michael Vittes
Paul Provenza and Teri Polo join the cast as Cicely's
new doctor, Phillip Capra, and his journalist wife,
Michelle, who feel that they've stepped back in time.
Meanwhile Ed sees into the future with several
self-fulfilling prophecies; and Holling believes there's
no time like the present to join the exclusive Sons of
the Tundra men's club.
Sen. Monkton: John Maxwell
Lester: Apesanahkwat
Hayden: James L. Dunn
Walt: Moultrie Patten

6.10 12/15/94 "Realpolitik" #97
Written by: Sam Egan
Directed by: Victor Lobl
Maggie finds herself in the seat of power as Cicely's
new mayor, but gets off the a rocky start contending with
the fiscal-restraint crowd-- and Chris' screwball fixation
on her. In other quarters, the power of the mind is put
to the test for Phil in a golf game with Joel in the
wilderness; and Marilyn buys a champion stud husky that
turns out to be a dud husky.

Show moves to Wednesday at 10pm EST

6.11 1/4/95 "The Big Mushroom" #98
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider
Directed by: James Hayman
Maggie treks into the Manonash village to visit Joel,
who she fears is in imminent danger; Phil and Michelle get a
taste of the local customs when an elderly couple get
snowed in at their house party and ask to stay the night;
and the information superhighway looks cold and forbidding
to a computer-fearing Ed.
Houseguest 1: Molly McClure
Houseguest 2: George Randall

6.12 1/11/95 "Mi Casa, Su Casa" #99
Written by: Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess
Directed by: Daniel Attias
Marilyn shatters Joel's inner peace-- and enjoys a good laugh
at his expense-- on a visit to Manonash; Ed takes advantage
of Maurice's hospitality while house-sitting his palatial
spread; and Barbara Semanski puts her house up for sale, but
a house is not Holling's idea of a home.
Semanski: Diane Delano
Two-Clocks: Sam Vlahos
Villager: Alvin A. Casimir Jr.
Joey: Pajuta Conway-Hourie

6.13 1/18/95 "Horns" #100
Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Directed by: Michael Fresco
Phil is one of the first to notice that there's something
wrong with Cicely's new bottled water; it's altering gender
behavior and causing women to display an overactive sex
drive. Meanwhile violinist Cal becomes a fugitive from
justice; and Alaska frees Joel to return to New York.
Cal Ingram: Simon Templeman
Bertrand: Gerard Ismael

6.14 2/1/95 "The Mommy's Curse" #101
Written by: Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess
Directed by: Michael Lange
A visit from Maggie's mom reveals that the two O'Connell
women have more in common than Maggie realized; Maurice pouts
when old pal Holling gets chummy with Doc Capra; and a clash
over canned goods threatens to undo Ruth-Annes' relationship
with new employee Walt.
Jane O'Connell: Debra Mooney (formerly played by Bibi Besch)
Phil Capra: Paul Provenza
Walt: Moultrie Patten
Leland: Linden Chiles
Hayden: James L. Dunn
Dwight: Jeff Harry Woolf

6.15 2/8/95 "The Quest" #102
Written by: Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov
Directed by: Michael Vittes
Joel enlists Maggie to join him on an Aleutian-Island quest
for the mythical Jeweled City of the North. Back in Cicely,
Chris slaps Phil with a malpractice lawsuit; and Holling and
Shelly roll out the Brick's red carpet for restaurant critic
Michelle. Note: This really is Rob Morrow's last scheduled
Michelle Capra: Teri Polo
Bernard: Richard Cummings, Jr.
Gatekeeper: Adam Arkin
Japanese Soldier: Seth Sakai
Trapper: Paul McLean
Talbot: Randy Thompson

6.16 2/15/95 "Lucky People" #103
Written by: Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov
Directed by: Janet Greek
While Cicelians honor Founders Day, newcomers Phil and
Michelle experience buyers' remorse over purchasing a
60-acre wilderness vista; Holling balks at Maurice's
claim that Randi is his reincarnated Uncle Elvy; and Chris
and Maggie find a common bond while restoring Cicely and
Roslyn's antique auto.
Jerry Moore: Tom Hammond

6.17 3/8/95 "The Graduate" #104
Written by: Sam Egan
Directed by: James Hayman
Chris takes his master's degree orals with two visiting
professors, who get into a row while analyzing his
dissertation. Meanwhile, Maggie buys Cicely's neglected
movie house but soon regrets hiring pal Heather; and film
booker Ed; and a young military man drops by the Brick to
meet the man he believes is his father.
Heather: Charmaine Craig
Soldier: Peter Simmons
Prof. Martin: Jack Blessing
Prof. Schuster: David Spielberg
Shakespeare: William Salyers

6.18 3/15/95 "Little Italy" #105
Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Directed by: Stephen Cragg
The smell of spaghetti sauce wafting down the street
introduces Phil to Cicely's Little Italy neighborhood,
where he gets caught up in a feud between two families.
Meanwhile, Holling finally stands up to Shelly's insults;
and Ruth-Anne begins broadcasting the "Tales of Cicely"
for National Public Radio.
Lowell: Richard Romanus
Joe: Joe Nipote
Angela: Nancy Cassaro

6.19 4/6/95 "Balls" #106
Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Directed by: Scott Paulin
During Cicely's competition in a mixed-doubles bowling
invitational, Phil and Michelle seem headed for splitsville,
while Chris aims to match up Maggie with a compatible partner.
Elsewhere, Ed may be dreaming by setting his sights on the
sophisticated Heather.
Heather: Charmaine Craig
Lester: Apesanahkwat
Prof. Pickering: Wayne Pere
April: Angelique von Halle

6.20 4/24/95 "Buss Stop" #107
Written by: Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess
Directed by: Daniel Attias
Cicelians are bitten by the acting bug when Michelle mounts
a production of "Bus Stop". But as the show goes on, Chris
(as Bo) suffers intimacy problems with Maggie's character;
Eric suffers major denial about his talents; and creative
differences and petty jealousies creep into rehearsals.
Ron: Doug Ballard
Eric: Don R. McManus

6.21 7/12/95 "Ursa Minor" #108
Written by: Sam Egan
Directed by: Patrick McKee
Ed experiments with "parenthood" after he finds a bear cub
in the wild and brings the cuddly creature home to nurture;
REM experiments find Chris navigating through dreams that
entangle him with a saucy hotel manager; Maurice is down
over Cicely's population decline; and Michelle perks up
when Phil goes into a rage.
Hotel Manager: Felicity Waterman
Lucille: Amy Perry

6.22 7/19/95 "Let's Dance" #109
Written by: Sam Egan
Directed by: Daniel Attias
Cal, the fugitive violin virtuoso, wants to turn himself
in with help from Maurice and Officer Semanski, who clash
over their mission. Meanwhile, Phil's breaches of
etiquette offend the locals; and a judgmental youngster
at a cotillion dance class moves to the beat of a different
drummer than that of her partner.
Caldecott Ingram: Simon Templeton
Semanski: Diane Delano
Young Dancer: Ashleigh Aston Moore
Mrs. Whirlwind: Armenia Miles

6.23 7/26/95 "Tranquillity Base" #110
Written by: Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess and Jeff Melvoin
Directed by: Michael Fresco
(Season 6 finale, last show of the series)
During a weekend retreat at his home, Maurice re-thinks
his plans to propose to Officer Barbara Semanski; Chris is
determined to have a good time without Maggie; and Michelle
ponders life's choices. The show ends with Iris DeMent's
wistful "Our Town".
Rabbi Schulman: Jerry Adler

"If they could see how the sun's setting fast
And just like they say, nothing good ever lasts
Well, go on now and kiss it goodbye
But hold onto your lover
'Cause your heart's bound to die
Go on now, and say goodbye to my town, to my town
I can see the sun's going down on my town
Good night... good night..."
"Our Town" -- Iris DeMent

CBS Broadcast History
provided by Cliff Chen (

Ep # Title Air Date Rebroadcasts
---- ----- -------- ------------
1.1 Pilot 7/12/90 6/17/91 12/ 2/91
1.2 "Brains, Know-How and Native 7/19/90 6/10/91
1.3 "Soapy Sanderson" 7/26/90 7/15/91
1.4 "Dreams, Schemes and Putting 8/ 2/90 7/ 8/91
1.5 "Russian Flu" 8/ 9/90 7/ 1/91 11/20/92
1.6 "Sex, Lies, and Ed's Tape" 8/16/90 7/22/91 12/28/92 7/19/93
1.7 "A Kodiak Moment" 8/23/90 7/29/91
1.8 "Aurora Borealis" 8/30/90 6/24/91
2.1 "Goodbye To All That" 4/ 8/91 8/ 5/91
2.2 "The Big Kiss" 4/15/91 10/21/91
2.3 "All Is Vanity" 4/22/91 8/12/91
2.4 "What I Did For Love" 4/29/91 8/26/91
2.5 "Spring Break" 5/ 6/91 9/ 2/91 7/ 5/93
2.6 "War and Peace" 5/13/91 9/ 7/92
2.7 "Slow Dance" 5/20/91 9/ 9/91
3.1 "The Bumpy Road To Love" 9/23/91 12/23/91
3.2 "Only You" 9/30/91 12/30/91
3.3 "Oy, Wilderness" 10/ 7/91 1/27/92
3.4 "Animals R Us" 10/14/91 3/30/92
3.5 "Jules et Joel" 10/28/91 5/25/92
3.6 "The Body in Question" 11/ 4/91 4/13/92
3.7 "Roots" 11/11/91 4/20/92
3.8 "A-Hunting We Will Go" 11/18/91 6/ 1/92
3.9 "Get Real" 12/ 9/91 6/ 8/92
3.10 "Seoul Mates" 12/16/91 8/11/92 12/21/92
3.11 "Dateline: Cicely" 1/ 6/92 6/15/92
3.12 "Our Tribe" 1/13/92 6/22/92
3.13 "Things Become Extinct" 1/20/92 6/29/92
3.14 "Burning Down the House" 2/ 3/92 8/10/92
3.15 "Democracy in America" 2/24/92 11/ 9/92
3.16 "The Three Amigos" 3/ 2/92 7/ 6/92
3.17 "Lost and Found" 3/ 9/92 7/20/92
3.18 "My Mother, My Sister" 3/16/92 7/27/92
3.19 "Wake-Up Call" 3/23/92 8/ 3/92
3.20 "The Final Frontier" 4/27/92
3.21 "It Happened in Juneau" 5/ 4/92 8/24/92
3.22 "Our Wedding" 5/11/92 8/31/92 7/12/93
3.23 "Cicely" 5/18/92 9/14/92 7/26/93
4.1 "Northwest Passages" 9/28/92 12/ 7/92
4.2 "Midnight Sun" 10/ 5/92 3/29/93
4.3 "Nothing's Perfect" 10/12/92 1/25/93
4.4 "Heroes" 10/19/92 5/31/93
4.5 "Blowing Bubbles" 11/ 2/92 6/14/93
4.6 "On Your Own" 11/ 9/92 6/21/93
4.7 "The Bad Seed" 11/16/92 4/12/93
4.8 "Thanksgiving" 11/23/92
4.9 "Do the Right Thing" 11/30/92
4.10 "Crime and Punishment" 12/14/92 6/28/93
4.11 "Survival of the Species" 1/ 4/93 8/ 9/93
4.12 "Revelations" 1/11/93 11/29/93
4.13 "Duets" 1/18/93
4.14 "Grosse Pointe 48230" 2/ 1/93 8/ 2/93
4.15 "Learning Curve" 2/ 8/93 12/20/93
4.16 "Ill Wind" 2/15/93 8/16/93
4.17 "Love's Labour Mislaid" 2/22/93 8/23/93
4.18 "Northern Lights" 3/ 1/93
4.19 "Family Feud" 3/ 8/93
4.20 "Homesick" 3/15/93
4.21 "The Big Feast" 3/22/93 4/18/94
4.22 "Kaddish for Uncle Manny" 5/ 3/93 12/ 6/93
4.23 "Mud and Blood" 5/10/93 8/30/93
4.24 "Sleeping with the Enemy" 5/17/93 9/ 6/93
4.25 "Old Tree" 5/24/93 9/13/93
5.1 "Three Doctors" 9/20/93 5/30/94
5.2 "The Mystery of the Old 9/27/93 6/ 6/94
Curio Shop"
5.3 "Jaws of Life" 10/ 4/93 6/13/94
5.4 "Altered Egos" 10/11/93 12/27/93
5.5 "A River Doesn't Run Through 10/25/93
5.6 "Birds of a Feather" 11/ 1/93 6/20/94
5.7 "Rosebud" 11/ 8/93 6/27/94
5.8 "Heal Thyself" 11/15/93 7/ 4/94
5.9 "A Cup of Joe" 11/22/93 7/25/94
5.10 "First Snow" 12/13/93 8/ 1/94
5.11 "Baby Blues" 1/ 3/94
5.12 "Mr. Sandman" 1/10/94 7/11/94
5.13 "Mite Makes Right" 1/17/94 12/ 5/94
5.14 "A Bolt from the Blue" 1/24/94 8/ 8/94
5.15 "Hello, I Love You" 1/31/94 8/15/94
5.16 "Northern Hospitality" 2/28/94
5.17 "Una Volta in L'Inverno" 3/ 7/94 8/22/94
5.18 "Fish Story" 3/14/94 8/29/94
5.19 "The Gift of the Maggie" 3/28/94 9/ 5/94
5.20 "A Wing and a Prayer" 4/11/94 7/18/94
5.21 "I Feel the Earth Move" 5/ 2/94
5.22 "Gran Prix" 5/ 9/94
5.23 "Blood Ties" 5/16/94 9/12/94
5.24 "Lovers and Madmen" 5/23/94 11/21/94
6.1 "Dinner at 7:30" 9/19/94
6.2 "Eye of the Beholder" 9/26/94
6.3 "Shofar, So Good" 10/ 3/94
6.4 "The Letter" 10/10/94
6.5 "The Robe" 10/17/94
6.6 "Zarya" 10/31/94
6.7 "Full Upright Position" 11/ 7/94
6.8 "Up River" 11/14/94
6.9 "Sons of the Tundra" 11/28/94
6.10 "Realpolitik" 12/15/94
6.11 "The Big Mushroom" 1/ 4/95
6.12 "Mi Casa, Su Casa" 1/11/95
6.13 "Horns" 1/18/95
6.14 "The Mommy's Curse" 2/ 1/95
6.15 "The Quest" 2/ 8/95
6.16 "Lucky People" 2/15/95
6.17 "The Graduate" 3/ 8/95
6.18 "Little Italy" 3/15/95
6.19 "Balls" 4/ 6/95
6.20 "Buss Stop" 4/24/95
6.21 "Ursa Minor" 7/12/95
6.22 "Let's Dance" 7/19/95
6.23 "Tranquillity Base" 7/26/95

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